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Primary Products

Provides information for architects, builders, contractors, distributors,  government agencies and the general public.

Provides information for architects, builders, contractors, distributors, dealers, government agencies and the general public

Provides technical information for architects, builders, contractors, distributors, dealers, government agencies and private organizations

Purpose of the association is to help the industry build and maintain better markets for walnut and to ensure proper management and sustainability of the timber supply

Responsible for promulgating voluntary wood preservation standards by providing a common forum for the exchange of information for all segments of the wood preservation industry

Provides publications, extensive research and technical reports, free CAD details, comprehensive market studies and more

Offers lumber merchant sales and marketing tools to help sell redwood.

Provides Marketing support/advice and roof application information.

Promotes acceptance and use of panel products and provide reports, standards and technical information.

Provides facts about U.S. hardwoods, hardwood products, U.S. hardwood forests and sustainable hardwood forestry.

Offers information and resources on hardwood plywood, veneer, and engineered flooring.

Provides products information, services and Industry links.

Provides inspection services, convention news and educational services.

Provides news, inspections programs, member directory.

Includes general information about the pulp and paper industry.

Represent the interests of Oregon's forest product companies and industrial landowners in the legislative, regulatory, and political arenas

Provides grading and grade stamping services, as well as certification for heat treated lumber.

A division of the California Redwood Association and the official grading and rules writing agency for the redwood lumber industry.

Source of information about cypress, its applications, uses, specifiactions.

Provides information on the marketing activities ,international market consultants, lumber information, industry links.

Provides information like  association links, product locator, publications, training, lumber services.

Includes information about the uses and properties of OSB useful for the architects and builders.

Provides education, event news, publications, standards, career opportunities in pulp and paper industry.

Provides industry news, forecasts, monthly trends and various other resources in the engineered wood crosstie industry.

Provides grader training and inspection services .

Provides information on  WRCLA certified distributors, manufacturers, retailers, website links, installation and finishing information, specifications and publications.

Provides publications, quality assurance, technical services, market services, products information.

Provides information on wood preservation


A national association for the distributors and wholesalers

Provides information on merchant services certification program in the industry.

Provides business services like finance, marketing and administration.

Provide industry links, newsletter and expo information.

Secondary Products

Provide directories and information on environment, finance, marketing, safety and Human resource.

Provides information on ladder safety and standards.

Access to publications and tools designed to support, educate and market in the wood working industry.

Provides industry information, press releases, events list, market information, publications.

Provides information for homebuilders and remodelers like new projects, publications.

Provides industry resources, magazines, convention news and searchable directory.

Provides information on certification, manufacturers, suppliers .

Source of technical and general information about maple flooring and related sports flooring systems.

Provides policy issues development, support educational workshops ,forest landowner education and legislative workshops.

Provides sales, marketing and technical support in the pallet and container industry.

Provide industry news, industry links and retailer information in the furniture industry.

Promote  its products and provides industry information for its members.

Provide information on manufacturers and suppliers.

Provide information on sales inquiries, networking, trade shows and market study

Provides information for the manufacturers, distributors and contractors in the wood flooring industry.

Provides information global associations, tradeshows, quarterly economic trend reports and sales forecasting consulting .

Source of news in the industry like fairs, press releases and industry events.

Provides industry news and information on various certification programs in the field of wood working.

Provides information on technology and services.


Provides conference notification and searchable database of architect's web sites around the globe.

Market service for connecting with an interior designer.

Provides latest news in the industry and information for certification .

Provides reports based on research on market, demographics and products.

Provides information on the trends, reports and data in the construction industry.

Provide industry research, promotion, education and government relations programs.

Provides information on conferences, policies and professional developments in the housing industry.

Offers marketing materials, educational materials and videos in the construction industry.

Provides industry data and resources for improvement of the industry.

Source of post-frame building resources, research, networking, news and education.

Contains homebuilding product delivery report and scope for building material report.

Provides technical information, green building information, training and industry news.

Provides technical assistance, publications and quality assurance.

Contains directories, market information and articles about the industry.

Contains resources for construction industry professionals, component manufacturers and consumers.